I was wrongly banned

In Game Name:GodPh33r
State Your Problem:I was wrongly banned
What Caused Your Problem?:I was greifing to loot which isnt against the rules if you only break the blocks above the chest
Who Was The The Mod / Admin / CM / Dev?:Magnus
What Was The Reason?:"greifing to loot"
Why Should You Be Unbanned?:Because i didnt break any rules
What Are You Going To Change If You Are Unbanned?:


  • The rule is meant to cover visible chests that simply have 1 or 2 blocks on top to lock them.

    The chests in question were completely covered, meaning you could not know there was a chest there, therefore you broke someone else's blocks in the hope there was a chest, not because you knew there was one.

    This is not your first ban, you're a vet and you honestly shouldn't be even trying to test the rules. So no, I'm leaving it as a pban.
  • Looting is allowed in the wild, or in a town, (if you are a builder on the lot), as long as the chest can be opened without destroying any blocks, or if you have to destroy 1 or 2 blocks on top of the chest to open it. It is not allowed if it is part of a structure, such as in a wall or under the floor.

    No where in these looting rules does it say that u have to see the chest. Unless you have other rules that I can't see that I'm done.
  • Greifing issues aside, you two are veteran of this server and should not be looting whitelisters or anyone for that fact. As veterans you should be doing things to help keep this server fun and do things that should add to it being more interesting. Sure the rules say you can loot, but should you....no. It's both childish and a waste of your time as well as the time of the people who have to investigate problems like this.

    If players just want to read over the rules a thousand times to make sure what they are doing is "technically" allowed then your not really doing anything productive. There's nothing more welcoming to a new player then giving the impression "Welcome to the server! I can't wait to steal all your stuff!"
  • You were there so please stay out of it. And if I didn't do anything wrong I should be unbanned.
  • You weren't there sorry.
  • You completely missed the point and yes I was on when Mag found it.
  • Oh and your picture and saying is very welcoming
  • Is this a ban appeal of a flame war? Not sure what either of those have to do with the matter at hand.
  • I want to say this. If there was no chest under those blocks I would be fine with being banned. But since there was a chest under it we did not break any rules. Again in the rules it doesn't say u have to see the chest. If u do unban me I will try my very best to not cause anymore trouble. I want mag to reply to this and if you are a mod+ and u were there just invis feel free to reply.
  • In my eyes a hidden chest is a protected chest. You are not allowed to gamble. Godph33r, you will serve a ban of one week. Upon unbanning you will be demoted to resident, as you have shown yourself incapable of behaving in the manner which is expected of a Veteran. You will stay a resident until I, or another mod+ feels that you have shown behavior befitting that of a veteran. This is my final ruling, and unless someone wishes to overule, I will unban next Friday.
  • Ban expired
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