Samith14's ban appeal

Hello everyone I was gone on a long computer free summer this is why my ban appeal is so delayed.
In Game Name: Samith14
State Your Problem:Being banned for something i didn't do
What Caused Your Problem?:I don't know
Who Was The The Mod / Admin / CM / Dev?:Intelligence
What Was The Reason?: Griefing the pit( I have no idea what the pit is)
Why Should You Be Unbanned?: 2 reasons first of all I swear I did not grief the pit. Both me and pie apparently did this and pie was unbanned while ago so i think i should also be unbanned. I dont know why it says I grieved the pit it might be a problem with my account identity theft or something.
What Are You Going To Change If You Are Unbanned?: I will be kind nice and change my password also I will help out on what ever I can to try to make peacecraft even better.


  • I am pretty sure you broke iron bars at a place named "the pit" near Rushville Jr, but as it is no longer there I will give you a second chance. Unbanned.
  • Thank you Intelligence!
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