[OLD] 1.4.7 The Rules(The unofficial Rules)

The exact rules of the server haven't been established yet.
1. No griefing (no brainer)
2. No exploits or hacks
3. No looting (i don't care how easy it is or if you want to prove something)
4. No killing other players.
5. No spamming, threatening, or abusing others in the chat
6. All Quarrys will be built in Quarry world which will be restarted after a couple of weeks.
7. respect the mods(currently there are none)
8.respect the community.
9. If you want to build a nuclear reactor make sure its not near someone elses buildings and it is completely sealed with reinforce blocks.
10. MFFS security stations are required to have server ops access. If your house causes a problem and nobody can get in to fix it consider your house gone.
11. If you have a quarry and it fills up with water it is your duty to drain it after you are done. Failure to do so will not be overlooked.
I'm out of rules for now, but I'm sure there are more. Basically just use your brain and if you think something is wrong than don't do it.


  • good list to start with. we can see if there is any changes we wanna make when aarch and i get back from vacation.

    and to clarify, the only real mod+ i have right now is Aarchel. more will be chosen at a later date.
  • The way i see it if your nuclear reactor is unstable and blows you are responsible for fixing the terrain and any damage to others buildings. Just looking at that setup,I'm pretty sure ull be on terraforming duty eventually.
  • Good point to bring up, Matt, and right on the money. Any collateral damage you cause, you must fix it. If, for example, Swarm builds a reactor; it explodes, and takes out half of a mountainside. Swarm must then re-build the mountain, on top of the damage caused to his base.

    Next point to bring up, the Wither. If anyone builds one, and it wreaks havoc on you, or your base, its your problem. I won't replace shit. If ytou build a Wither, and it wreaks havoc on SOMEONE ELSE, I still won't replace shit, and it will be YOUR responsibilty to repair any/all damage caused.

    The previous point also includes replacing any items lost from destroyed chests.

    Third point, deliberately using explosives/Wither for griefing others. I will go into creative mode, destroy the wither, the offender, spawn in a nuke or 10, and obliterate the offenders' base of operations. THEN the offender will be permabanned, no second chance.

    I don't abide griefers, my players know this. Don't fuck with my server, and we'll get along fine.
  • Hehe, the reactor I posted up was a class 1, and under the simulated conditions, was capable of running an infinite number of continuous cycles with a perfect 0% chance of failure. :P

    But umm, we are currently having a few issues on this server with lag, and I might recommend setting up a regulation committee for factory standards. Here's two examples to get you started.

    1. If there is even the slightest possibility of overflow, a valid system must be in place to either utilize or destroy the surplus items, lest they cause lag.

    2. Mass branching of wires must be avoided wherever possible, as they continuously build up CPU calculations. To avoid this, wires may be painted so that they separate into proper paths. refrences below provided.

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  • Yes, we do need to have rather intensive regulation on machines, as I have seen all kinds of problems caused by bad builds on another server I play on. Thank you for catching your overflow problems before they caused any serious damage to the server.

    Since you spend a lot of time on research and development Swarm, I don't have any problem with you heading up a regulatory commission on machine design, and implementation. The only players you don't have to worry about are Aarchel and myself
    as we go through very extensive testing of every system we build, to minimize its impact on server lag.

    Just don't get too crazy on me.
  • Too be honest, if there is issues with server lag and such just take all the other servers off of peace and and just run the ftb on the server host... No one plays the others.. Pointless too run them
  • zachtheattack97 said:

    Too be honest, if there is issues with server lag and such just take all the other servers off of peace and and just run the ftb on the server host... No one plays the others.. Pointless too run them
    About 80% of server lag should be gone once the current bukkit peacecraft is replaced, it is a big memory hog. We're currently trying out an idea to replace it and hopefully get some more interest in it.
  • Alright, in response to the 9th rule posted by matt, I would like to direct the other players to a handy little guide I wrote up on the subject. It can be found here, and will display what consititutes as a 'sealed' reactor.


    ALL op's must be allowed access just in case something goes wrong.
  • Note to all FTB players. Please make sure you empty the water out of your quarry when you are finished. The amount of flowing water is causing the server to lag. I have added this to the rules list.
  • How should we empty the water? Buckets?
  • You can pump it into a void pipe if you wish, use buckets, destroy it with blocks, it's up to you. This rule is mostly for those that deliberately fill their quarries with water, such as me.
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