Whitelist request



  • Can you whitelist
    SoapCakes for me thank you XD
  • Well i tried to at least activate his account on the forums, but it seems administrators cant do it since the forums was redone. I may be overlooking it, but i dont think so. You will have to wait on edit or aarch to do it.
  • ya ive been trying to activate BathroomSoapCakes but it would not send the activation email ([email protected]) idk why ;/
  • SoapCakes is now whitelisted. Also, the forums should e-mail an activation link so SoapCakes should check their e-mail and see if it's there somewhere.
  • And now SoapCakes has been activated on the forums.
  • IGN: notyepenyar
    Ok, forget the creepy stuff about Steve. Editing to say I enjoy Buffalo WIngs.
  • notyepenyar is now whitelisted.
  • Hi, I am jjm_223. I love the vanilla server, and I would like to try out something other than vanilla. I also am working towards making mods/plugins.
    My IGN is jjm_223
  • IGN: ColaLion
    About me: Friend of Yoso, knows German, and wants to try out the FTB server
  • You're already whitlisted Cola.
  • jjm, I dunno if you were ever whitelisted, but if you weren't you are now.
  • Hey, I'm Vinny from NY. I love Minecraft and have been playing for years. I am currently on the vanilla server, but would like to be whitelisted for the FTB server as well. I have been playing FTB for awhile now, too. Anyway, my IGN is Vinnyvdvici and I would greatly appreciate the chance to play with you all! :)
  • Whitelisted.
  • IGN: NikeTsuki

    13jjeske sent me and im an avid gamer addicted to anime and a company owner

  • You're whitelisted
  • IGN: Poly

    My friend 13jjeske said your server was fun, and my boyfriend plays on it too. I'm good at Ars Magica and surviving.
  • whitelisted
  • oops I got my IGN wrong
    Its Zeiyah
  • This is the whitelist request thread for the modded server, not the vanilla one, but i got you anyway. you both are whitelisted on the vanilla server
  • My IGN is GreyHunter, and I am on your vanilla server. at the moment my main source of food is potatos (on the server) 
  • My IGN is MrDoodleGum And I have been playing on your vanilla server and like it, and was wanting to try this server, I like to consider myself pretty good at playing modded minecraft. 
  • Hello I like your vanilla server and I thought that I would like try out your modded server.

    My IGN is TheEvilBanana 
  • GreyHunter, MrDoodleGum, and TheEvilBanana are whitelisted on the modded server. Keep in mind, this server has the difficulty turned up quite a bit. Play safe, be careful, and have fun.
  • I would like to try playing modded and this looked like a nice server to try it on.

    My IGN is TheMiningKing
  • You've been whitelisted Mining King.  Sorry for the delay in response, work has been keeping me busy.
  • IGN: xplosivetaco

    Reason to play - wanting to get back into minecraft. In modded and vanilla form. I looked up Peacecraft and to my pleasant surprise it is still here (Hi Edited and Steveice! and anyone else I haven't yet recognized from playing back in 2010 and 2011).
    Fairly experienced with FTB, but a lot has changed since I last ventured deeply into it, and would love to be playing in a group again.

  • Welcome back Taco!!  Good to see you, yeah, we're still here, even after five years.  You are whitelisted on the Modded server, and I'll PM you the pack code.
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