need help getting on server

we are experiencing a severe problem both billybob and me cant get on server because since yesterdays update for direwolf when we come on we get a message that it cant connect because it cant find steves carts a41 version and several other mods that are previous versions than the ones we have extrabiomes forestry soulshards ee3 and portal guns are all newer versions in our launcher and so maybe edit should update the server with the newer versions HELP please


  • We have just become aware of the update to the pack, hopefully Edit will be able to get the server updated quickly. In the future, please do not update the pack until you find that you cannot connect with it. I just made the
    same mistake myself at work so I know how you feel. I didn't think there would be any significant updates to the pack so soon.
  • thanks arch for the prompt reply just as long as edit is aware of this i am sure he will take care of it as soon as he is able to thanks again
  • Unfortunately, as Edit has announced in the modded section, we cannot upgrade the server yet as the server side of the modpack is not working properly. In fact the server side is spectacularly bad at the moment. I'm sure it will be sorted out soon by the FTB team. As a workaround, I tried to hunt down the versions of the mods needed to get you back on as soon as possible. Unfortunately, some of the versions used in the previous version of the pack are not available any other way. Whether they were superseded and removed, or were never available to the public in the first place is unknown. Either way there is nothing we can do about the server not being on the same version until the FTB Team has a fix.

    I am sorry that there is nothing I can to to expedite this process for you guys, you'll just have to wait it out.
  • Why don't you just try uploading your current files for FTB Client and it should make it 1.4.6 for them.

  • I have a fix! Apparently it is possible to downgrade the modpack.

    1. Open the FTB Client.
    2. Select the Direwolf20 Modpack.
    3. Click the "Edit Mods" button.
    4. Click the "Modpack Version tab.
    5. In "Versions Currently Available" select "3"
    6. Close the window.
    7. Launch the game, after it gets to the menu screen close it.
    8. Follow the instructions in the Mod Downloads Thread to install Twilight Forest:
    9. Relaunch the game and enjoy!

  • Little_Rob said:

    Why don't you just try uploading your current files for FTB Client and it should make it 1.4.6 for them.
    Although the point is moot now, I cannot do this. We do not have permission to distribute all the mods in the pack so we cannot offer a download. We do offer the download for Twilight Forest because blanket permission has
    been given to distribute it for private servers.
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