Game's Ban Appeal

In Game Name: gamemaker152
Server(s) you're appealing for: Peacecraft Bukkit
State Your Problem: I was hiding from my friend gmarston and got a sneak hack to hide from him more easily(which was a bad idea) and admitted to another player who accused my of it, then I got banned.
What Caused Your Problem?: I was hacking and shouldn't have been and got banned
Who Was The The Mod / Admin / CM / Dev?: Little_Rob
What Was The Reason?: Cheating - Sneak Mod
Why Should You Be Unbanned?: This is my first time, getting banned for a good reason(other time i was accused of griefing, but I turned out it wasn't me)
What Are You Going To Change If You Are Unbanned?: Not ever use any hack even that don't do much.


  • Approved, Please disable your Mod before logging back on.

    Hacking/cheating is a main rule, Breaking any little rule could result in a perm ban, So please be careful.
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