Hey! I got on the server today. I am just transitioning from the Xbox version to the PC version for may reasons, the biggest is being able to be apart of a server.

I have a youtube channel and have been enjoying just playing and making videos. I look forward to running into y'all!


  • Very well! We look forward to seeing you here on peacecraft!

    Hehe, I've got a youtube channel myself, but I never really figured out how to properly record videos. Perhaps you could start a tutorial thread here for doing Minecraft LP's.

    And if you like, there's other peacecraft servers as well, including the Direwolf20 Feed-The-Beast pack. It's located here at Peacecraft-ec.com:30001

    You'd have to download the Feed the Beast launcher for it, but here's a fair warning, you will have a hard time going back to vanilla once you're used to modded minecraft.
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    I will think about doing a "how to" tutorial once I get it figured out! ;)

    I have it down for the xbox, but having to start from scratch on the PC! Hope to see you around!
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