Sheep farm now open!

Hello guys, 90nop here again!

So I have some great news from me and ri739, my good friend. We have made a sheep farm that is open to the public, so grab your sheers and come get some wool! It is currently located right outside of the spawn, but we might move it depending on what others suggest. So I leave it up to you to tell us what you want us to do!

So anyways, now you know what this weird little sheep farm is, it is our public farm!

So see you all around, and keep playing mates!

- 90nop signing off


  • I Really Need Red Wool, Thanks ;D ;D ;) ;)
  • iantonio397 said:

    I Really Need Red Wool, Thanks ;D ;D ;) ;)
    Hey, thats great! Exactly why we made it! Go on ahead and grab some sheers and feel free to take all of the wool you can get your hands on. But please... Don't be too greedy.

    Anyways, enjoy the farm!

    -90nop 8)
  • Hello all!

    Recently there have been a number of griefs against this sheep farm. People have destroyed pens and let out sheep or killed them, and they have gone around and dyed all of our white sheep. We have different cages for different sheep. Please leave sheep the color they are, but I won't get too mad if you do. Anyways, please, DON'T GRIEF guys, it is a bannable offence!

    -90nop 8)
  • I Needed Wool For A Fountain, But Now The Farm Is Destroyed :(:(:(
  • Hi iantonio. I find that your very upset about the farm getting destroyed?

    However don't worry! 90nop already knows it's been removed. And will be rebuilt bigger and better just a little further south of the Peacecraft Exchange.

    And because the new spawn/project is taking up so much room anything lost during this conntection will be rebuilt inside the new walls and protected. including a 2nd new sheep farm inside the PC-E just west of the centre.
  • Cool, if someone needs help with this project i will be glad to help
  • Sheep farm closed.

    Will open a new farm up soon even better! it will include all sorts.

    - To replace 90nops loss.
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