My Ban

In Game Name: Drevinum1
Server(s) you're appealing for:
State Your Problem:I am banned for griefing that i dont really know what i have griefed
What Caused Your Problem?:I dont know because i dont know what grief i have been banned for
Who Was The The Mod / Admin / CM / Dev?: Littlerob i guess
What Was The Reason?: Banned for griefing
Why Should You Be Unbanned?:I did a stupid thing to grief a house or building that i dont know whos it was and if i get unbanned i will never do griefing or something else thats not okay to do. This is also my first ban.
What Are You Going To Change If You Are Unbanned?: I wont grief anything or anything else that is illegal according to the server.

Im sorry if i destroyed something for someone on the server had no idea if someone owned the building that i griefed.


  • You honestly dont know? It was mine, smart move?

    I'm going to unban due to the fact it did look like a village building. And its your first Ban.

    However it dont matter who's building it is your not suppose to grief simple.

    Im on my mobile your have to wait till I get home.
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