Extra Crafting!

You can now build bridges gates and lots more! You can always link it up with Redstone too!

List:·They can be toggled by right clicking a sign, or;

·They can be set with redstone input.

Bridges consist of three parts:
List:·The bridge part made out of one material. By default, you can use cobblestone, wood, glass, double stone slab.

·One sign post on one end, either above or below the bridge. The second line of the sign must be [Bridge].

·A sign post on the other end, either above or below. The second line of the sign must be [Bridge] or [Bridge End] (you are only able to right click the first type).

·The signs can be both either above or below the bridge, but they must be in the center.

Redstone Usage:
List:·Bridges support redstone: just put a redstone current next to the sign. You may want to place signs under bridges so that they are not unsightly if you do use redstone.

·An active input creates the bridge.

·An inactive input removes the bridge.

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