Extra Commands

Hey everyone, We now have craftbook so that adds alot more things to build for Citizen+ , but what about commands?

Here is a list of all commands that players will benefit from and at the same time cost gold.



Sethome costs 9 Gold Nuggets Home costs 1.



Only on death, Must have 18 Gold nuggets in bag.


/Weather Sun
/Weather Storm

Weather commands cost 30 Gold Nuggets, Heal & Feed Cost 18 Gold Nuggets each.


  • Teleport to player "Request"


    Might be added to Residents soon.

    Not a command but also a benefit to veterans is - one portal each! at the Bristol Castle, Inside the Player portal building.
  • TPA confirmed!

    Will be added for Partys in RPG.


    Why not everyone? because it avoids abuse of the command. The party invite command will cost gold. And you would need to leave in order to join another persons party!
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