Modpack Update

Hi all,

I will be updating the modpack this weekend, which should help with a number of problems we've been having. you should be able to let your DW20 pack update to the recommended version.


  • We do not plan to refresh Quarry Land unless there is something added to ore gen by the update, if we do there will be some warning before we do so but likely it will occur today or tomorrow, today being 01/25/2013. We will attempt to save people's mining equipment if it comes down to a regen, but cannot guarantee we will find your equipment. We will probably be adding a new age for the new bees added by extra bees unless they populate the existing world, which is unlikely. We warn against living in that age as it will probably be deleted over time to deal with new world gen added by new mods as the pack evolves. We will make books available, or set up a portal near spawn for it. Also, we may regen the Twilight Forest soon as well, once again there will be some warning if we do but if you have something important there you may want to retrieve it.
  • Modpack 5.1.1 is out. Don't update til we update the server. Aarchel and I will be working on it Friday night
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