House fire in Wilderness!!!

me, mSteven, and another player were in the new town area in the Wilderness when a house caught on fire. the 3rd person (cannot remember name) said a greiffer set a house on fire and mSteven got there to put out the fire just before i got to the house. at first, i thought it was a greiffer too, but i was playing solo to come up with house ideas and a fire broke out even though there was 1 block gap and then a stone block above it (the hole ceiling was like this). on top of the stone block i had wooden planks and they are what caught fire. this took a few mins to start. i'm posting this cause i'm sure mSteven's broke a block or two to stop the entire house from burning and i didn't want him to be blamed for it. mSteven's said to leave it as is since none of us was sure on how to fix it correctly and didn't want us to get labeled as a greiffer for something we didn't do. for those thinking of a fire in their house, make sure the netherrack (the block you are burning) has a 3 block space above it and what you're using as a 'ceiling' for it is not going to catch fire (so any stone or brick should be good). please also note this post is about fire, not lava, remember, lava spits! ^^

one last thing, all the small fires that started did not start directly above where the fire was placed, but off to the the sides.


  • You don't need to worry. We can check if a fire was started by a player.

    Closed by mSteven
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