Forum design....

How many times in a month is this thing going to change?!

One more time, and I'll just forget checking this. It's gone from okay, to smart, to ugly, and now just plain shite looking. I'm not sure if it's templates or backend software changing. But It's getting on my nerves...


  • I'll give you what I've already posted before:
    Steveice10' pid='5457' dateline='1359317057' said:

    Due to security issues, among other issues, the forum software has been changed to FluxBB.
    Steveice10' pid='5482' dateline='1359519659' said:

    Update: Some users have expressed dislike for the new forum software. That coupled with the fact that it is a bit lacking feature-wise has lead me to change it once again to MyBB, this time hopefully for good.
    Now, if you would like to suggest a theme or something to make it look better, I'm all ears. I added a few other themes to the selection if anyone would like to have a vote or something to pick a good one for the default.
  • The only issue I'm having is the loss of my old PM's which had some messages that I refer to from time to time. As far as themes go as long as there is at least one that allows for light text on a dark background I'm good, and since we have one I've got no complaints. Though if I can get my PM's back that would be great.
  • Well the last software was completely rubbish and dint allow us to have much control over the forums.

    I'm happy with this software, And looking forward to our new homepage
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