Peacecraft Evolution of Combat

Welcome to the Evolution of Peacecraft.

New Skills! Level up and max out every skill to 99.

  • Attack - gain levels by fighting with a sword!
  • Strength - gain levels by fighting with a axe!
  • Defence - gain levels by fighting without a weapon and blocking.
  • Archery - gain levels by fighting with a bow/arrows.
  • Enchanting - gain levels by XP Levels.
  • Constitution - gain levels by health and taming.
  • Crafting - gain levels by making Materials.
  • Minning - gain levels by minning ores.
  • Smelting - gain levels by using a Furance or Anvil.
  • Fishing - gain levels by fishing!
  • Cooking - gain levels by making/cooking food.
  • Woodcutting - gain levels by woodcutting with a axe.
Rewards will be added for every 9 levels [Coming soon]
Perks activated at random times or by commands [Coming soon]

PvP release

Well Peacecraft is fun to build without having any annoying griefers, But what about the odd boring day? Take some time off with some Hardcore PvP, Grief another teams base with tnt or make a horde of creepers follow you! loot 'em all you want! and do basically what ever you like!

Multiple worlds you can find your favorite pick from Main World - No PvP, No Griefing etc. PvP World - No Rules Bags linked with Main World. Vanilla - Interdependent no plugins to help you or any ranks.

Play a World without rules a world that you can become king and lose it again within seconds with a killing blow coming from behind!

Party Commands
  • /pvp create : creates a new party. mode either "true" or "false". if "true" users can only join with an invitation
  • /pvp join : join a party
  • /pvp leave : leaves the current party
  • /pvp invite : invites a player to a party
  • /pvp accept : accepts an invitation
  • /pvp deny : denys an invitation
  • /pvp list : lists all players + their health in current party
  • /pvp listparties : lists all parties on the server[list]
Goodluck, Your going to need it!


  • Will this be available on FTB?
  • if it isnt written for forge, then no. Remember, Bukkit plugins and Forge mods are not compatible with each other.
  • At the moment there is no good method of running multiple worlds, with different basic settings in Forge. There are some promising projects being developed for Forge, but they are not ready yet. It may be possible later though, and Edit and I have kicked around some ideas for when that time comes to have our own spin on a PVP world.
  • Post updated.

    More updates coming soon.
  • Hey, I been a little busy in real life. However i'm hoping to update and release a better leveling system tomorrow.

    This leveling system includes more skills, Rewards for leveling, PVP & RPG Leveling linked.

    New party commands including a teleport to your party member command & create groups and share your xp with the group or friend.

    A new ranking system from Whitelist aka newbie ----> citizen get a overall level total and it's a automatic promotion.

    I'm sorry for the delay. And i know a few of you been requesting it to come back.
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