Looking for the Old World

I stopped playing when the server was unavailable a few months ago, and am so excited to see that it's back up again! I was building a very gorgeous home and would love to continue working on it but I can't find the old world! And I can't fly either :( Can anyone help? I was admittedly a MC noob when I first started building ( my husband made me do it) and still am. But my house is magnificent.

Please help!

Nichole AKA Somali Schoolgirl


  • Please only post it once? :P
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    Steveice10' pid='5590' dateline='1360076312' said:

    Please only post it once? :P
    sure um...forum etiquette isn't really helping with my problem at the moment...thanks anyway????
  • Last I heard, the old maps are available for use just yet. Little Rob does intend to open them up a some point in the future though.
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    Editedcub' pid='5595' dateline='1360085698' said:

    Last I heard, the old maps are available for use just yet. Little Rob does intend to open them up a some point in the future though.
    k that makes me feel better, I was thinking of finding a more stable mc server to play on. in 3-5 years its gone down for months at a time and each time I started an epic home only to lose it :( if anyone has an ETA for this that would be most helpful!
  • While the server has been down for long periods of time before, I don't think we've ever had a month long outage. We have however had significant periods of time where the server is out of synch with the current version of Minecraft. That however, is because the server requires additional software that is not always available for the current version of Minecraft, or lags behind it at times. This unfortunately strands players that update their clients before the server does.

    If you want to be able to play on the server it is important to stay on the version it is running, backup your client files before updating, or use software that can downgrade/upgrade your client as needed. The server will almost always lag behind the official updates, especially when there are major changes to the underlying code. Unfortunately, it is impossible to know how long it will take to update the server to the next version so we can't give you a consistent window to expect an update within. In the past the server has updated anywhere from within a couple of days to a month or more, in the case of major changes.
  • The old world portal is already setup. however i haven't moved it from the old portal room because it was inactive.

    You don't have any lots or anything on the old map. it's just to view. So don't expect any updates for it, I'm currently aiming most of our time on the PVP World because it's such a big hit with the old players, However still keeping the RPG Up to date and still is my main world.
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