docstout here...

Just whitelisted tonight, I play with Gretchen on the Vengeful vanilla server, I also play as a lonewolf/peaceful player on HC Factions and the other ShotBow servers, and I lonewolf on CivCraft as well. I tend to build simple houses and focus on solo survival, crafting and trade on servers where there is any economy. I'm also a blogger and podcaster, considering streaming on Twitch or recording for YouTube soon as well.

If you do a search for DocStout on Google, it is 99% likely to be me, as I've had this name online for a very long time. I trade off being very easy to e-stalk with carrying my name and reputation with me where ever I go online.

Looking forward to learning FTB, and playing with people, though I play in fits and starts as I am frequently playing many, many games at once between MC servers and my Steam account. (As well as tabletop rpgs, boardgames and collectible card games... good thing I married a gamer.)


  • Well welcome to peacecraft. You should be whitelisted in a day or two when Editedcub has time. Hope to see you online.
  • I've already been whitelisted, I just haven't spent much time on the server. I need to learn a LOT before I am ready to fully commit to FTB.
  • Hey man, if you got questions about anything, don't be afraid to ask. Aarchel, Matthewhoney, Shasofish, Bigbaddevil7, and myself are fairly good with most of the tech mods, and we each have our own areas of expertise.
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