Stuck... Crashing in the Nether

So I made a nether portal and hopped through to find myself some netherwart. I arrived on the other side and could hear a ghast screaming then BAM. Crash to desktop. Now I can't log in at all, I load into the nether and Java crashes. Managed to get a pastebin of my log once.

Nervous because nearly every diamond I own in is Quarryland which is due to be reset. I've tried reinstalling java, no dice.

Pastebin here:
Tried rolling back the last Java update. No dice. I'm out of ideas.


  • EDIT: Nevermind. I nuked every version of Java Hiding in the Control Panel/Remove Programs, wiped it from my registry, and re-installed. I'm back online. My quest for netherwart may have failed, but I'm no longer caught between worlds.
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