Derek peterson! Wut?

I was afk and missed his visit! Never mind? Might have to wait another year to see his name login again haha



  • sorry for saying a question that makes me a noob or sonething like that but.
    Who is derekpeterson?
  • Derek is the original owner of PeaceCraft. He was owning the server back when me and Rob joined. He then couldn't host it anymore and sold it to EditedCub.
  • And how did Rob owned the server later?
  • iantonio397' pid='5815' dateline='1363731988' said:

    And how did Rob owned the server later?
    Technically Rob doesn't own it, Editedcub still does. Edit runs his FTB server now, so Rob manages the Bukkit server.
  • ...
    Ok no more questions
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