Update not yet complete

Hi all,

We've not yet updated to 5.2 yet. We have run into a space issue on the hard drive on the server, because of dynmap. The reason for this is that the dynmap saves every map, for every world, in rather large picture files. I think that the total size for the dynmaps are about 100 gigs or so, and the server only has 120 gigs of space. add in the two servers, mods, and other support files for the forum, the coming website, and other things, and we are out of space.

That being said, I have to discontinue use of the dynmap for the time being. Once I get the files cleaned up abit (delete back-ups, figure out if i can tell dynmap what worlds to map out), I will restart it.

Hopefully I can finish the update sometime tomorrow, or sunday. Sorry for the wait folks.


  • OK, I've solved the space problem, and I'm currently working on the rest of the update. It should be ready to go in about 4 or 5 hours, based on what my programs are telling me.

    If I fall asleep before it's done, which is very likely, then I'll restart the server as soon as I wake up.
  • ....... Well, I was a bit wrong. The update is done, the server is up and running, and from the back-end, things look good.

    Direwolf20 modpack 5.2 is up and active.

    Happy Gaming guys.

    OH, I forgot to mention the fact that Quarry Land, or Twilight Forest hasn't been updated quite yet because of the problems. We plan on doing the update this weekend, so don't put anythign back.

    This means you guys still have time to get everything out, anyone that leaves your stuff there will lose it, however, Aarchel and I will first scour Quarry Land for any machines that still remain and store them at our tower.
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