Direwolf20 Modpack 5.2.1 Poll

You guys vote if you want to update. The new mod added is Applied Energistics, and nothing else really changes.

If enough players want it, I'll update the server on April 12th. If not, we'll just ignore it and wait for the modders to update their mods to 1.5.


  • Note to self: Register more accounts so I can have my way...
  • BAAAAD ARCHEL, No Cheating!
  • *looks around*
    *stuffs ballot box*
    *whistles, walks away*
  • seeing as the votes are so one sided, do we have to wait for the 12th?
  • Yes. It takes a minimum of three hours if everything goes perfectly during the process for us to push an update. On average though it has been about 5 hours to make it happen. We simply do not have the free time to do an update on any other day. Sorry.

    Just to give you some insight into the process an update entails here's a brief rundown.

    First we must download a copy of the current server, worlds and all, which takes about an hour or two depending on network traffic.

    Then download the new server configs and files from the FTB site. Go through the downloaded configs searching for changes by comparing them to our previous configuration. Change existing configuration to match our previous settings. Research and discuss any new config options to decide on how to configure them. Compensate for any configuration options that have been removed if possible. Tweak the configs to try to fix previous problems, or improve performance if necessary. Test the new server configuration with a short play test and look for obvious issues. Reconfigure and retest until satisfied, or defeated. All this takes anywhere from 2 - 8 hours.

    Lastly we create a new FTB server directory on the server, and push the update to the server. Shut down the current server and copy the worlds to the new directory. Overwrite or change certain configuration files present in the world directories. Modify or rewrite the server launch script. Launch server on a testing port and hope for the best. If all goes well we shutdown, change the port number in the configuration and restart. All is done and the server is only down for about 5 - 10 min. If it fails, then we have to download the server minus the world files and see if we can reproduce the issue locally and fix it. Then we reupload it and see if it works. If it breaks again we repeat the cycle until we get it working or run out of time and have to try again later. File upload takes 20 - 30 min. Directory creation, file modification, script rewrite and world copying take 10 - 20 min. Test and restart take 5 - 10 min.
  • Wow and I thought making a normal modded server to play with a few friends was hard, can't imagine how tough it was the first time you guys tried to do this.
  • well...let's just say that after reading that, I'm glad that I am NOT the owner of the server.
  • Well using FTB solves the biggest issue, which is keeping Block/Item ID's from conflicting. ID conflicts are by far the most annoying and time consuming thing to resolve when configuring a modded server.

    Unfortunately, there is also the issue of other parts of the config files. Anywhere from 30-50% of the time version updates of the mods changes the config files, which requires us to reconfigure the new files instead of using the old ones over. Also, because there have been shadow updates to mods, and once to the modpack, we can't trust that the config hasn't changed even when the pack description says nothing has changed. As a result every config needs to be scrutinized on every update, just in case, and the more mods there are the more configs there are to look at. There are also special cases like mods that put their configuration file in strange places, or that have multiple files to configure, or the worst case of having multiple files in multiple places. So yeah there's a good bit of work that goes into any update unfortunately.

    However, if you can use one of the FTB packs, and can afford to just leave it at default settings then updates should be easy as you mostly just need to move your world saves, ban list, white list, and server properties files into a new server instance that has been started at least once before. You just need to take special care for config files that may be in the world save like portal gun's world config file, which you would probably want a new copy of in the event it changes.

    Unfortunately for us, it is necessary to change the config files for about 10-15 of the mods as things stand. These changes are required because we want to run a mostly open server and allow for as many people as possible to play concurrently but it does complicate things. Right now we only make minor changes, but for the most part they affect performance, and help to keep certain kinds of griefing from occurring (portalgun/gravitygun being able to move otherwise indestructible blocks), and to adjust some things like ore gen. All in all I think it's worth the trouble so we can all play.

    Just a bit of trivia, our longest update took about 18-20 hours, and that was to adjust to major changes in the ore generation which we still tweak every update or two.
  • waiting (im)patiently for this update =3
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