Long time no see!

Moving has been a pain... what's more, I cannot log on! I'm sure I have the address wrong, but I'm not sure what part I messed up. Help please? ^^;

Server Address: ???? need the correct input! thanx


  • What are you trying to get on the Bukkit server or The Feed the beast server? The feed the beast server uses direwolf20 version 5.2.0 and the bukkit server is on 1.5. The address is still the same peacecraft-ec.com for bukkit and peacecraft-ec.com:30001 for feed the beast. If this doesnt work than its a problem on your side.
  • thanks! that helped a lot. I'll be playing only a little at first till i'm done moving. see u all online sometime!
  • I hope to see you too Syli :)
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