Anyone know whats going on with the server. As in liquiducts malfunctioning and machines just completely stop working. Iron Tanks not forming properly. etc...


  • There is problem with liquiducts that is throwing a non-fatal exception regularly. It seems to relate to the state of the duct being unknown (full, empty, liquid type...). It is likely that this issue is related to a specific liquiduct or ducts that are chunkloaded somewhere in the world. Unfortunately tracking that down is basically impossible as there is no information as to where the problem actually is.

    As far as machines not working and tanks breaking or not forming, it is likely related to the liquiduct problem. Every so often Forge/FML crashes server-side with an exception in the state manager, which tracks, determines, and maintains the states of tile entites in the game, (machines, pipes, tanks, etc.). When it crashes it complains that the state information is irrecoverably corrupted, which means it likely must purge it which kills the server. On restart, since the state information is gone, it must start from scratch which is probably part of what leads to machines and tanks not working properly.

    It is my belief based on the witnessed behavior that the non-fatal exception being thrown by liquidducts slowly corrupts the state manager's data and is the primary cause of this issue. It is also possible that the reverse is true and liquidducts are being disrupted by the state manager data becoming corrupted by some unknown issue.

    The only thing I can say is that we didn't have these problems before the last update. Which means it is either related to adding Applied Energistics, an unknown shadow update to a mod that is backwards compatible with DW20 v5.1.1, or that some of the minor performance optimizations made in the last update are problematic.

    The first possible problem can only be confirmed/fixed by downgrading or upgrading. The second is undetectable but downgrading would fix it. The third I can independently test starting tonight, but I won't know anything until tomorrow evening at the earliest. If it is indeed the third possibility it can be easily adjusted, but performance will decline to previous levels and likely worsen as people build out Applied Energistics systems.
  • okie dokie thanks for the update :D
  • or we could do my suggestion, which i gave to Edit last night, we could re-install DW20 pack on the server, that should fix everything, as far as I know. Edit says that IF he does that, he'd do it from Aarchel's place
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