17/04/2013 Updates!

a few updates, Skills back! Woodcuting, agility, Combat skills etc.. added again! (bug was fixed).

Flying added starting fee $25. next reload it's $50. including for staff.

new rank - Builder [b] this rank gives the player Creative.

Lostsands has had a make over! empty lots cleaned up! and new portal zone coming soon

RUSHVILLE - a big update to rushville new big lots! new even bigger lots! and even 2new MASSIVE lots! 'massive hill size'. Worth 3m.

Temple Meads - Lots added, bigger lots coming soon. Lots cost so much due to it's location! Sorry.

'Hidden update' A update to allow a future update that's going to be massive. Coming soon!


  • Is there anything special I can do to get the [B] Rank?
  • iantonio397' pid='5923' dateline='1366168432' said:

    Is there anything special I can do to get the [B] Rank?
    Not asking about it would be a good start. Red earned it because his build was very well deserving.
  • I've got something in mind...
  • I'm curious how [B] will work if that essentially introduces an infinite item source that could easily be abused.
  • That's what I told to redvangard, He can get all the gold blocks that he wants
  • It was given to red, because he's not likely to abuse it.
  • I just updated to 1.5.2, so anyone with that version can play now.
  • I said that on a reply that Idk how it got deleted

    Thanks steveice
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