(this is Death_Dealer_89)
anyways i was burning some chickens in the (old)spawn and accidentally set it on fire. and couldn't put it out bc of the spawn protection. Sorry!
I can rebuild it if need be or whatever you want me to do but cant really do anything until spawn protections gone


  • We did our best to stop what we could, but considering that the center is protected, it's not a pretty fix, so we went with limiting what could potentially burn down:


    That being said, Death was on it immediately, with myself and Matt_Pegaiai following shortly after. Damage is relatively minor, with mostly exterior work and water damage being the major issues. Easy fix.
  • i allready took out the water just need permissions to work on the protected area
  • I fixed it. I would appreciate it if you didn't set fire to it again. Those 2x2 Fir Logs are especially annoying to place properly, but It's my fault for building a wooden spawn in the first place.

    Unfortunately, I can't give you the ability to work in a protected area without giving full Op permissions, and no offense, but that's not gonna happen. Thus the pleasure of rebuilding it is mine, I guess. Wish I could turn off firespread with out it borking things, it would have made things easier.
  • Thank you and sorry again it was a accident, ill curb my fire burning ways to my own houses.
  • With this screenshot I think FTB looks rare

    No offense but I really don't understand it
  • lol, allow me to attempt to explain....

    Vanilla, or bukkit minecraft servers work with the base blocks that are put into the game by Mojang themselves. The mods for minecraft change the way the game is played by adding new blocks in the form of machines, pipes, engines, and even new terrain blocks such as flowers, growable food, trees, or even entirely new biomes.

    For example, base Minecraft limits a player to cobble, stone, iron ore, gold ore, diamond ore, emerald ore, iron/gold/diamond/emerald blocks, stone brick, mossy cobble, mossy stone brick, netherrack, nether brick, oak/birch/redwood logs, planks, various half-slabs, and stairs. that covers MOST, but NOT all of it.

    If one adds just Industrialcraft to a server, that gives you the use of many machines, such as power systems like solar panels, which do what you think they do :P, geothermal generators, which use lava to create power, windmills and watermills, which produce power using, you guessed it, wind and water. Also the simple Generator, which uses any solid fuel source that would be burnable in a normal stone furnace to produce power.

    These power systems are used to run machines, like the Macerator, which grinds up raw ores (iron/gold/copper/tin, yes IC2 adds ores, copper and tin), and makes two dusts for each ore, so one iron ore, becomes two iron dust, and so on. These dusts can then be puyt into either an iron furnace (which is made just like a stone furnace, except by using iron instead of cobble, and can smelt 10 items per coal/charcoal, instead of 8), or an electric furnace (which uses the power from the previously mentioned power systems), and can smelt as many items as you have power for.

    other machines are extractors, which turn Sticky Resin (another new item in IC2) into rubber to make insulated cables. um, electrolyzers, which can make water cells hold a charge of power, there are transformers for stepping power down if you have a large power system. nuclear reactors for producing said large amounts of power.

    All of this is just ONE mod..... We are using 68 of them, which means TONS of new content, machines, biomes, decorative blocks, all kinds of things.

    FTB stands for Feed The Beast, which began its life as a single-player, then multiplayer puzzle of sorts. The point of that puzzle was for the player to create a certain number of certain items, then insert those items into a machine which tracks the players progress. Once all of the items were made, the player wins.

    the FTB maps got so popular, and were so sucessful as a way for the mod authors to beta test new versions of their mods, that the mod author community built a server for themselves called Forgecraft. As Forgecraft continued, the man that first made the FTB challenge maps, Slowpoke101, began work on a launcher called FTB, where players would be able to download spefic modpacks (similar to Tekkit, yes, Tekkit is a MODPACK, not a MOD, tons of people get that wrong), and enjoy the prospect of new blocks, new vistas, new challenges, and even new mobs (sorry that I didn't mention new mobs until now).

    In the image, the only real new blocks that can be seen are the two yellow rectangular shapes, which are computer monitor screens, the wooden structure in the center thats on fire is built from a Giant Fir tree, which is a large tree, usually taller than redwoods, that have a 2x2 block trunk, and a light blue square on top of that structure which is made from Crystal, from the Mystcraft mod.

    If I didn't answer everything, ask more questions and I'll do what I can to answer them.
  • Is there a beast in FTB?
  • No thats just the name of the launcher and a modpack. I dont think edit mentioned we use the direwolf20 modpack. Thaumcraft 3 does add a few extra mobs like wisp and angry zombies to the main world. It also adds fire bats to the nether.
  • One of the advantages that bukkit has is that bukkit doesn't crashes or has much bugs as much as FTB does
  • Thats true, bukkit doesn't so much add new content, as change the rules of the world of Minecraft. When you add new content, in the way of blocks, mobs, biomes, or changing the core of the game, as some mods do, you will run into bugs.

    These bugs can be caused by overlooked, or unfinished code in a mod, or conflicts between mods. The mod authors can try to work together to minimize these conflicts, and hope that they planned for all of them.... But, some problems don't show up until these mods are being used in the field.

    Another thing that can cause problems, which I've been suspecting for some time, but don't have any concrete evidence of, is carring a map over from version, to version, to version. The map that we are on right now, has been carried through multiple versions now, and it's possible that the overworld map itself is having conflicts with the terrain generation code from some of the mods. However, I don't have any way of testing that theory (without moving the world files around anyway), so, unfortunately, it has to stay a theory.
  • You remember me a mod that I installed long time ago before arriving peacecraft (Iron man mod) It always made me lag so I eliminated it
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