Errors/Issues from last Restart

When Edit restarted the server yesterday, I logged on to find a number of issues that occurred for me; I don't know if it was things that happened to other people, so it might be wise for everyone to post what they've found.

I already mentioned that two of my eight boilers blew (one solid fuel, one liquid fuel), and both had been supplied with water by independent aqueous accumulators (as were/are the six that did not blow up), making it all the more puzzling. Adding to this, I found out today that my other two solid-fuel boilers were rapidly bleeding heat, hovering at roughly 200 degrees each. When I went to check to see if they were getting fuel, I saw that the extra-dimensional chest that acts as a regulator for the fuel supply was completely empty; considering that there was 900 stacks of charcoal in there, and three Steve's Carts loggers providing a net gain to that for the past week, the fact that everything would suddenly go missing completely boggles me.

Has anyone else run into anything problematic?


  • I cant really remember where your base of operations is at but i would be glad to have a look at your set up. Maybe we can find a way around problems that might occur when the server goes down. Yea i notice some problems some times when the server is restarted, and a number of them could probably be the source. I'd be happy to supply some resources to fix the damages and help make it error proof.
  • Thanks, Matthewhoney. Entrance to the base is located at -64, 220. This new one was built far closer to spawn, in case something like this would happen. All the boilers are accessible, with 6 in a line visible from the top and from, and two in the back, with one on the left and one on the right.

    At the moment, all but one of the boilers are operating normally; the solid-fuel boiler that exploded was at 1/2 water level this morning, and had cooled to 887 degrees, but now has normalized, though the temperature is still rising abnormally slowly; my guess is that it has to do with the lag the server is going through at the moment.
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