General Rules

These are the general rules. Breaking them will result in punishment as the moderator/admin sees fit.

1. No griefing, doing so will get you banned.
2. You may only steal from a container if it is not locked and can be opened without modifying blocks.
3. Don't spam the chat with messages.
4. Respect the staff and their decisions.
5. Don't ask staff members for special favors (things like WorldEdit)
6. Don't use overly offensive language towards others (racial slurs, etc)
7. Do not advertise or link to other servers in chat.
8. No hacking or cheating. This includes x-ray mods and other things that give unfair advantages.
9. Do not intentionally kill players outside of allowed PVP.
10. Do not build any offensive structures.
11. Do not intentionally cause lag to the server.
12. Do not try to evade a ban, or you will be banned again and it will become permanent.
13. You are responsible for account security. If your account is compromised, you will be held responsible for what is done with it.
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