I would like admins to listen to BOTH sides of a story BEFORE banning someone.


  • You told me that someone griefed you, so you griefed them back. I told you that you shouldn't grief people back if they grief you. What's the problem?
  • Just to toss in a couple of words here as an Ex-Admin on the Bukkit server, grief = Ban. It doesn't matter what your reason is, Grief always = Ban. Do not grief, and there is little to get you banned. In the past griefing even once was a perma-ban, so count yourself as lucky. I know it is frustrating if someone messes with your stuff or steals it, but griefing them makes you no better.

    We do not tolerate acts of vengeance, an eye-for-eye leads to nothing but massive griefing wars as other players take sides and get dragged into the mess. If you start trouble, or perpetuate it when you should have reported it, you will get banned. Just be happy that you got unbanned, and get back to having some fun on the server.

    Look at the bright side, it was only a short ban. On the modded server we might have nuked your project/home down to bedrock. That's already happened once, and that was just because the building made an annoying sound.
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