banned again

i admit i was xray hacking i have removed it from my computer
but i didn't grief


  • I was watching you the whole time, and I saw you digging straight to mineshafts and dungeons from the surface. Since you admitted to X-Raying this doesn't matter, however while I was watching you I saw you remove blocks from at least 1 structure that didn't belong to you.
  • if i removed a block from structure i did not know it belonged to someone else
  • It was a wooden jungle plank on a clearly player-made house, very obviously not yours...
  • well it didn't look owned and if u want i will rebuild that which i have griefed
  • look i love this server and i will rebuild the whole house for the guy ok
    or girl
  • You will remain banned this time around as this is not the first time you've been banned.
  • so its permanent
  • but thier is no good servers exept this one. the only fun servers are survival games and, truth be told but this is a waste of time over one silly block.
    like i said i will rebuild a whole house for him
  • Yo bro why are you banning my cousin just for a single block and using x-ray mod it's like your hating on him and why dont you ask zach if he should be banned or not.
  • i said ill rebuild the house or build a new one
    and it was one block
    also this server is said to have grief protection why was this not protected if it was owned
  • Grief protection means that if someone griefs you, we can rollback the damage like it didn't happen. And saying it was just "one block" will get you nowhere as a) You also X-Ray hacked and b) You were already banned once before for griefing. Reporting my post saying he would stay banned "for being mean to my friend" won't help you either.
  • u said before and i quote. "since you admitted to xray it dosn't matter"
    also i will make a house for the player and it wont be some crummy house
    and lets ask zach what he thinks shall we
  • By "it doesn't matter" I meant that part of the proof wasn't important to what I was saying, not that it didn't matter that you X-Rayed.
  • i no but if its not important y did you bring it bac up
    go ask zack his oppinion
  • bro cum on i swear i wont grief again
  • You're permanently banned. Sorry to say.

    You admitted to using X-Ray, which is already a red flag, and on top of that, our anti-grief policy is very strict. This is your second ban and you've broken two important rules. If Steveice10 feels different, you might be unbanned, but for the time being, you don't deserve to come back on the server.

    No amount of "I'll rebuild it" or "I took the hacks off" will change that. Please take the time to search for a new server to play on.
  • hey guys how do you post ur server on planet mincraft
    how do you post ur server on
  • MJ, It's a permaban.
  • Good luck with that
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