Little canada rebuild

I have made significant progress. I have not shown anyone so far, but it is almost ready. Not completely satisfied with the town, it keeps getting covered in snow. Anyone have tips for this? I'd rather not have torches every 2 blocks. Back on topic, the main reason for this post is to sense interest, so please answer the poll question.

Would you buy a lot in lil canada if it was:

-an official town, pay to get in

-an unofficial town, pay to get in

-an unofficial town, free

There will definitely be a marketplace with rentable lots, those will definitely cost rent.

Questions, comments, concerned all are welcome.


  • I don't like the rent part
    Why not buy a market lot?
  • I would rather not have people sitting there forever and ever based on one small payment they made a long time ago. It's not something I'm completely set on, I will consider both options.

    Also, the lighting problem is completely solved. I didn't know glowstone melted snow, now I do so were good.
  • A glass roof is also viable. Make it like a snowglobe.
  • DONE!

    Unveiling will be sometime tomorrow. Your best bet is to never leave the server ever.
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