Lulz, we gun get shut down.

So another guy claiming to be from a big MineCraft forum/server says we stole a "spawn" so we're gonners. I LOL in their general direction. How do you steal a spawn? Dafuq.




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    Wasn't even that much later either.
  • Idiots. Nobody gets Creative or Op, ever, especially noobz. Apparently people still fall for it though. Hey Steve, maybe you should make a fake Op rank to give morons like this that smites them every time they try to use a slash command, at least then they would amuse me.
  • I'm all for that.
  • Lol people are retarted
  • My response to these people:

  • Steal a spawn means the design, but geez, who they want to fool?

    Also I didn't know admins could ban again
  • I found some stuff and some videos, the first I saw was very funny lol

    I think we should make jails for guys like that one LOL
    If we do them I'll help to do the slaughter machine
  • Right, but no ones spawn is really original if you think about it. Someone sees something cool and re-creates it. Sometimes multiple people do. They don't own it though, so screw'em.

    As for a jail, we have one in Old World 2. I can make a new on in the current world if the [O] permit it, unless they wish to make it themselves.

  • Also. Creative just for good pictures?

    He is a huge newbie, with survival is ok

    What do pictures have related with creative?
  • Whoever logs on and says they are from a 'website' or doing a review don't even get a reply they are not worth the time of day. Auto ban :-D
  • - Reply to the Jail comment.

    Don't make it look like a jail. Simply make it look like a lobby/waiting room.

    'You will get op/creative shortly please wait here wile we work on granting your rank! The server permissions are playing up! Just keep waiting! ;)
  • Or let's say we have an attraction, Like a Pixel Art Museum or a puppet show, or a creeper battle (but it will be fake)

    Talking about battle, why not add like 10 zombie, skeleton and creeper spawners to tha lobby you're talking about ;)
  • Hey Rob, Talking about nice jails
  • Nice.

    Also yes Ian, nice jail.
  • That's mstevenn's jail. Lmao :-D it's a box room above spawn.
  • Steveice said it's YOUR jail
  • "mStevenn's jail" as in, he made it to house me.

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