Welcome back


My name is Patrix87.

I've been playing a lot on the first version of Peacecraft many years ago

I'm looking for the address of the new peacecraft.

I hope that the old map still exist because I would like to take some screenshot of The Citadel I built in 2010 I think :P

Thanks for the info



  • Hi maybe you will still remember me. Yes the old map with the citadel is still available. peacecraft-ec.com is the server address and it is on version 1.5.2.
  • What is your ingame name ?
  • Been a long time Pat, nice to see you around again. His in-game name is also Matthewhoney.
  • Welcome back Pat! For older members that still wish to work in the older worlds, just join in and let me know and i'll give you the perms!
  • Now the older worlds are like museums?
  • For you guys.... But for the older members that were around for the old old world... and pk they can still build there
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