Server down?

Went to check on the FTB server, and I can't make a connection. The Bukkit server is fine. Do you think this might be an issue with the last update?


  • It's probably just crashed. It's been performing a bit differently since the update, so I can't say for sure that it has nothing to do with it. However, it seems like there is always a couple of false starts after an update. I'll try to get a hold of Edit and see if he can restart it.
  • Just talked to Edit and it seems to be up. It hasn't gone down since we brought it online yesterday, so try logging in a couple of times even if it says it's not there. In my case it let me in on my second attempt. It may have something to do with some back-end software configuration done on the physical server yesterday night.
  • I'm currently downloading the server, so I can do some local testing. This will help me determine if the lag we are experiencing is caused by the server.
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