server running real slow

not sure if it is my computer or something else but the server is running with tons of lag since the update. i started a quarry last night around midnight and 10 hours later it has done only a couple layers wtf is going on?


  • its not just you, servers been lagy for a few days.
  • We've been trying to nail this down, but there does not appear to be a single source for the problem.

    There is also the issue of the Bukkit server eating up the storage space on the drive at an alarming rate, which can cause some pretty insane lag if there is little space available and cause the FTB server to crash when all the free-space is gone. We've already had at least three crashes related to lack of free-space. This is expected to continue while the Bukkit staff tweaks their settings to be more friendly with our currently limited storage space. Hopefully things will be worked out within a week or two.

    As things stand, Bukkit uses the lions share of the storage resources most of the time and FTB uses the lions share of everything else most of the time.

    It is hoped that when the stars align we will be moving to a different provider that offers us more storage by default which will allow us to keep the Bukki and FTB servers on separate drives so they can't directly influence each other as much.
  • Editedcub download the files the other day? to test out the server offline. What was the result?
  • Ultimately we didn't find anything wrong with the files after downloading them. Just in case, we replaced the main .jar file in the event it was altered by something unbeknownst to us. Personally I haven't experienced any bad lag when playing on the FTB server over the last week or so, with the exception of when we first started up after the update. Which, incidentally was caused by two instances of the FTB server running somehow.

    I can say that if you are experiencing lag you should try going to NewGen, if you can fly, and hang out there for a bit and see how much you lag while mining for 5-10 min. Many of the players on the FTB Server have built complex bases that will lag just because of how much is going on in them. Also, the overworld is the busiest dimension by far so at times lag will spike there more than anywhere else.

    One last thing, in the debug view (F3 in Windows) there is value labeled P: That number constantly changes, and is probably the number of packets being sent between you and the server at any moment. It could also be the ping but the values go too high and too low for that to make sense, unless the scale is different then I would think. In any case, it is a good indicator of how busy an area is so if you are lagging it's worth looking to see how high it is in the area. It cannot explain all lag but it does explain at least some of it. It is possible for that value to be as low as zero and I've seen it go over 800 in particularly laggy bases. In general, if that number exceeds 100 you are probably near something man made that has some kind of machinery going, or a ton of furnaces smelting. Also, that number and looking at the chunk updates number can give you an idea of how busy an area is.
  • We resolved our storage space use 2-3 days ago, it should not be a problem. The problem was with making too many backups, which was resolved by creating a plugin and setting the limit to 5 backups per world.
  • All I can say for certain, is that when I run the server off my own computer at home I do not experience any major lag, and just for reference, the computer I'm using is almost identical in spec to the server and I'm running both the client and server off the same machine which should, if anything, cause more lag. The only things that testing it on my computer can't account for are, load from multiple concurrent players (the FTB server rarely has more than 5 players on though), internet connection/latency, the players own network, and the players computer. While I don't test with the presence of a copy of the Bukkit server, I tend to run enough software concurrently that it should be fairly close.

    Just to be clear, there will always be some lag it is impossible to avoid with all the stuff that mods add coupled with the inefficient nature of Minecraft itself. No matter how well coded a mod is, it always impacts performance somewhere so lag will be unavoidable. Considering that we run 63 mods and have over 20 regular players many of whom have built fairly extensive automated systems the lag is usually not that bad.

    Now it is possible, even likely, that through all the version changes and updates, something is broken in the map data and that is the cause of some lag. The only solution to that is to start clean with a new map, which is probably not worth doing at this moment given all the work it will take for players to start over. If we were to start over it would be with a new version of Minecraft, and at this point that would likely be 1.6+ based on where the mods are in updating right now.
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