Over the past few years minecraft has been fun, but it gets boring really fast. Maybe its time we switch to a new game and start up a server there. Cube world is currently in Alpha and will be up for sell some time soon for a reduced Alpha price of course. I'm sure the bukkit world will not want to switch, but we can remove the FTB server to free up space since nobody really plays anymore. Ill leave this link here Cube World Multiplayer and you can tell me what you think about it Edit.


  • Doesn't support linux... :sadface:
  • Well personally, I'm still into Minecraft and Modded Minecraft. I don't play because I have little time to right now. As I've gotten older, I'm finding it harder and harder to clear any time for playing games in general.

    Right now work is crazy, I'm dog sitting, I've got a close friend who needs my presence, I have both paying and nonpaying customers that want tech support and training for their computers, a stack of DVD's/Blu-Ray's a mile high to watch, a vacation to prepare for, and an FTB server to configure, tweak, upgrade, and fix. Not to mention the cosmic ton of things I'm just flat out ignoring and forgetting. It has become nearly impossible to find even a couple of hours when I'm not brain-dead to play, and that's why I haven't been on. I'm not trying to rain on anyone's parade I'm just saying whats up with me.

    That being said the FTB server is currently getting a little stale for some players, and the lack of content updates in the mods is not helping. Unfortunately our hands are tied until there is an update for the DW20 pack to 1.5.2+ or we build our own private server pack and distribute it through the FTB launcher, both of which could break the current world. I'm okay with starting fresh if need be to keep things interesting, but I simply have not had the time to get all the mod permissions together to make a private pack,and Direwolf shows no signs of ending his let's play and updating his pack. I would be perfectly willing to build and configure a server for a private pack if someone could get all the mod permissions so we can submit a pack to FTB and distribute it to our players.
  • http://star-made.org/ is currently free too. :)

    if the FTB gets a full reset i will start playing.
  • From what I'm seeing Cube World can only support up to 4 players at this time which is too small, and Star-Made just isn't ready to devote a serious server to. Also, both these games are simply re-imaginings of Minecraft. Cube World has some potential with it's RPG twist but I'm not sure it will be enough in the long run to truly differentiate it. Star-Made on the other hand doesn't seem all that unique, from what I'm seeing right now.

    Having tried a few different Minecraft inspired, space themed games, none of them seem to truly work, we'd be better off running Kerbal when it's multi-player is finally solid. Also, the problem with Star-Made is there doesn't seem to be any way to limit world generation, which can get out of hand quickly with infinite space. Lastly, there is already a mod that does space in Minecraft called Galactic Craft, but it has the same problems of generating new worlds based on player actions. That's the whole reason why we don't allow players to make Mystcraft ages, not to mention the instability factor, and the possibility that someone would generate a world with nothing but diamonds or something.
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