Aarchel and Editedcub

Hi guys,

We are going on vacation after work on the third, and will be almost completely unreachable until around the 15th. I have my phone, so I'll have skype, and SSH so I can try to stay in touch, and manage the FTB server. however, if things blow up, I may not be able to jump on it right away.


  • Just jumped onto the FTB server. nobody online and i can't even eat food without lagging real bad lel
  • I don't know where the lag is coming from. we shouldnt have too much trouble from loaded chunks, since most of them are off if no one logs in for a day. I still think that the best reason for the weird lag, and strange hashmap errors im seeing are being caused by the map itself, and really SHOULD be reset...... But at this stage, we probably be better off waiting for a 1.5, or 1.6 release of the direwolf20 pack (whenever that will happen), over making a new map, and starting fresh.
  • We're back. Funny how on vacation all we did was play minecraft and watch dvd's.
  • O.o

    That don't sound fun. I would be more relaxed playing minecraft and watching moives at home lel
  • well, the trick is, that that's ALL WE DID, for a week and a half. no work, no obligations, nothing to get in the way of doing whatever we wanted to do. That alone was vacation enough for the both of us, the Minecraft and DVD's were just a bonus.
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