Horses - Buy via Commands (Removed)

[align=left]Hey guys, Everyone was complaining how rare it was to come across a horse and when you did capture one! a Mob or annoying player comes along and kills your horse/horses. Sadface...

I'm glad to open up our server stables with UNLIMITED Stock, buy horses via in game commands...Wait? What's the catch? it costs money, Don't worry! it's only like 3 gold ingots to buy a default horse unless you buy a mule for 50 or a rare Skeleton/undead horse for 500!


/horses help [command] Lists information about sub-commands

/horses buy Buys a horse of the given breed.

/horses delete Deletes the given horse from your virtual stable.

/horses types Lists the horse types that you can summon.

/horses summon Summons one of your horses.

/horses heal [Amount] Heals your current summoned horse (costs money)

Horse Types:

  • White Brown
  • Creamy
  • Chestnut
  • Blazewhite
  • Black
  • Gray
  • Darkbrown
  • Blazewhite
  • Blazecreamy
  • Blazechestnut
  • Blazebrown
  • Blazeblack
  • Blazegray
  • Blazedarkbrown
  • Paintwhite
  • Paintcreamy
  • Paintchestnut
  • Paintbrown
  • Paintblack
  • Paintgray
  • Paintdarkbrown
  • Leopardwhite
  • Leopardcreamy
  • Leopardchestnut
  • Leopardbrown
  • Leopardblack
  • Leopardgray
  • Leoparddarkbrown
  • Sootywhite
  • Sootycreamy
  • Sootychestnut
  • Sootybrown
  • Sootyblack
  • Sootygray
  • Sootydarkbrown
  • Donkey
  • Mule
  • Undead
  • Skeleton


  • We have now replaced this with a new plugin. Allow horses to spawn in chunks older then 1.6.1

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