Request for official recognition of lil canada as a town

Hello, I have shown quite a few people already and it was sort of a town at one point; my creation, lil canada. It is a decent sized town, with 22 open lots each 12x12 blocks. In addition there is a market with lots for sale, a portal lot with a list of rules, and my house.
The town looks pretty nice if i do say so myself, there are cobble roads with glowstone lighting. Although there is enough light for snow to melt on roads, player lots do have some snow. So the whole canada feel is not lost.
There are some nice sights as you will see in the screenshots. I have made a flag of canada as well as a big snowman and the "niagara falls". These three things accurately sum up everything important about canada as a nation.


If you are interested in living here PLEASE post to express your interest.


  • Yeah... the problem is that this town is in the old style of towns that we had, flat, full of squares in the intersections of paths, and not very unique with the paths at all. This was a problem we had with old towns which we are trying to correct with the new town system. If you could reorganize your paths into a non-flat/boring square organization, that would be much better.
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