1.5.2 Update

There will be a new DW20 modpack for 1.5.2 available in 1-2 weeks. We will be upgrading to it as soon as we have done some internal testing on it.

Things to know:

1. This upgrade will force us to start a new world.

2. It will likely have a somewhat different set of mods from the previous pack.

3. It will not include Red Power 2, as in was never updated for 1.5.x.

4. It will also likely not include XyCraft, as there was never a public release.

5. All current worlds will be abandoned, and all players will start from scratch.

6. We will likely face these same issues if/when we update to 1.6+

First and foremost it is important to note that it is impossible to upgrade from 1.4.7 to 1.5.2 without starting over. There are too many differences between the two to maintain compatible ID sets, and a number of underlying changes will cause a number of inventories to reset to nothing. Also, we will be losing some mods and gaining others so complicated systems would break, and a number of things will simply cease to exist. To sum it up, even if we could make the ID's match perfectly, there would still be numerous unresolvable problems.

Second, the world is probably very broken and is causing performance issues that will be resolved with a reset. Not to mention eliminating excess chunkloaders left by people who stopped playing.

Third, this will make it easier for some players to start on the FTB Server, who find older players being so far ahead of them intimidating. I don't personally understand how it is of any importance what someone else has or is doing, but a reset will make it easier for those people to jump on the bandwagon if they so choose. Mind you this is just a happy side-effect of needing to reset.

Next, I do not know what mods will be in the new pack, the list has not been announced. However, being that this is Direwolf20 we are dealing with, it will likely contain many of the current mods, along with some of the mods he has spotlighted for 1.5, and possibly some of the mods they have used on ForgeCraft. Suffice it to say, that it will be a mixture of old and new, so there will be new stuff for everyone and experienced players will be able to leverage some of their previous knowledge to get a jumpstart.

Lastly, we will try to find some way to make the old worlds available. If we manage to, it will likely be as a torrent and just be a .zip of the entire server as it stands on the last day, before Edit nukes it for fun. Bittorrent is likely the only plausible method of sharing it given its large size, even compressed it's something like 6+ Gigabytes.


  • Assuming some semblance of early resources to help people lay the groundwork for later projects, I really don't see the problem with this. Personally, the biggest problem I have starting out is building up enough of a food supply to find someplace comfortable to build. If there's a reasonably developed spawn area, then I'm all for it.

    Not sure exactly how long it would take to update to 1.6, but anything less than a few months will be sure to put off people; some projects can take a significantly long time to build and tweak, and knowing that it'll be rendered moot in a few weeks is fairly discouraging. Not that it'll stop people, it'll just partially reign in some of the scope that may get planned. Personally, I'd like to get something up and running that'll be a major boondoggle, but if I know that I won't have the time to appreciate a few dozen solar boiler arrays (and the hundreds of stacks of silver needed to make them), then I'm more likely to sit and kill dozens kerbals play Kerbal Space Program, and build a much more limited "this is kinda neat" project.

    I do like the one idea that was brought up with having individual End-like worlds for each player, both as a means of providing a playground to build in and as a way of swiftly tracking down which players are causing issues. It'll also mean that things like nuclear reactors will be far more easily managed, given that, worse comes to worst, the player can go back to the overworld and rebuild like any other filthy commoner.
  • We will have at least a basic spawn when we start, so a building of some kind, with a farm in it or nearby, and possibly some portals to nether, end, quarryland, and other places as needed. I'm also considering some freely powered furnaces to get people up and smelting quickly, anything more advanced would probably be overkill.

    1.6 is probably at least a month or three off from having enough mod support to build a pack around so we won't be changing to it quickly. The problem is that the server is stale and needs a change, soon if possible. Also, the upgrade path from 1.5.2 to 1.6.x may be less rocky than 1.4.7 - 1.5.2. However, I can't promise that transitioning will be possible, but it is more likely as they are more similar.

    Personal dimensions with end-like terrain as in, a large floating island of an overworld biome, will hopefully be possible, but it depends on what we get from this mod pack. Ideally we will restrict the use of chunkloading blocks to these personal areas, with the exception of a quarry being used to quarry elsewhere. This will allow us to easily find and sequester problems with peoples bases and remove the dimensions of inactive players for performance purposes should the need arise. We may possibly allow the use of a chunkloader outside of the personal dimension in the case of a public project, or for a very good reason (of which I cannot think of one), but those chunkloaders will either be placed by an op, or we will need to be aware of its exact location at all times.

    We will still allow the building of projects and bases in the overworld, but no chunkloading so if you need something to run automatically while offline, it will need to be in your dimension. You can still build automation systems in the overworld as well, but you will need to hang nearby them to keep them loaded. This is not a finalized idea yet, but it is very close, and as long as the necessary mods are in the pack it is nearly 100% likely that we will go in this direction. We still want to encourage people to build cool stuff in the overworld, we just want to be able to keep a handle on things this time if possible, so performance doesn't degrade quickly.
  • Here is a list of the mods that are currently going into the 1.5.2 pack:

    BiblioWoods BoP
    BiblioWoods Forestry
    MFFS Calcavia
  • The DW20 1.5 pack has been released
  • Okay, I've just finished the base configuration of the server software for the new 1.5.x pack. It still needs some testing, and some basic things need to be built before we can upload it to the game server which I am in the process of now. However there are things you can do to prepare on your end should you want to.

    First as it stands this is not a public pack yet, so in order to download it you will need to click on the "Private Packs" button on the FTB Launcher and enter: Direwolf20_1_5
    Then click "Add" and launch the game once, and close it after it gets to the title screen.

    Next, since we are using Biomes O' Plenty you will need to enable it, as it is disabled by default. To do this in the FTB launcher select the Direwolf20_1_5 pack and click on the "Edit Mods" button. In the Disabled list select Biomes O' Plenty and click the "Enable" button in the center, then close out of the Edit Mods screen. This is the very minimum you will have to do in order to access the server. If you are not using the FTB Launcher I will assume you know how to find your mods and can delete the .disabled off the end of the biomesoplenty.zip, which will manually enable the mod.

    I will be adding more to this post as I go.
  • If a world restart is required for 1.6 will item be refunded to the players that started in 1.5?
    ps. i also tried connecting to the server and it wasnt online.
  • ok its back up but after switching to the new private pack it says the server is on 1.4.7 so i cant log on.
  • we haven't updated yet, the earliest we can put it up will be this coming weekend. Neither Aarchel nor I have enough time to deal with it today, and we won't have any time during the week.
  • I can't guarantee that we will be able to refund everything people may lose, but I am fairly sure with our plans for personal dimensions people should lose very little in the transition to 1.6, unless Mystcraft, or Biomes O' Plenty get removed.
  • Looking forward to all the new mods of course im gonna share my time between contributing on the bukkit server. If u want me to toss together a spawn real quick im free =)
  • I'm currently in the process of building the new spawn. It will be far better than the one I made last time, as I will be spending most of this week on it, instead of 2 hours. I will post pics if I have time.
  • I've seen what he has done with spawn so far. PRETTY!!!
  • The Spawn building is now finished and most amenities are in place. I still need to build a few systems to generate perpetual basic supplies, and make the books for the portals, but otherwise it is complete. I will probably post some pics tomorrow if I can remember to. All that's left after that is writing the Quarryland Agebook, and experimenting with Personal Dimension generation.

    Things are going smoothly. I'm not going to promise anything, but we may have the new server up on Thursday, in mid to late evening Chicago time, if things keep going so well.
  • I'm not sure you and edit are already aware that plenty o biome has a special world that you achieve later on that has a special ores in it. I havent explored it yet in singleplayer so im not sure if only one will support every player. I figured i would go ahead and tell you just in case all these worlds take up to much memory.
  • The idea is to give every player the Promised Lands for their Personal Dimension if possible. As long as they don't refuse it and get something else, every player will have a basically equal chance at those resources. We still have to test and see if Mystcraft can generate it, if it can then it will be the default for the Personal Dimensions.
  • Ok, an update for the personal dimensions. The Promised Lands are actually made up of 3 different biomes, and given the design behind the personal dimensions that we wanna use, this will be impossible to give out.

    Now for the dimensions themselves.... They will be built with a normal day/night cycle, using end terrain generation, so they will be a single island floating in space. Each one will also have a Star Fissure in it, so just in case you lose your books back tot he overworld, you will have a permanent way back. Since the area you will have is limited, you will have the biome of your choice for the kind of terrain you have. All of these dimensions will be a single biome, and there will only be one of these per player. However, these will be your personal space, so you can do with it what you want.

    The only limitations we ask, is that you avoid choosing biomes that have lots of water, like ocean, river, things like that, as the amount of flows involved in it would cause significant lag, if not for you, then possibly the entire server. Also, we would like for you to avoid biomes like deserts and/or gravel, as these blocks obey gravity, and we dont want to see your entire island fall away the second you place a torch.

    That being said, the list of biomes are as follows:

    Bamboo Forest
    Birch Forest
    Blessed Fog
    Boreal Forest
    Canyon Ravine
    Cherry Blossom Grove
    Clearing Border
    Coniferous Forest
    Coral Reef
    Corrupted Sands
    Dark Forest
    Dead Forest
    Dead Swamp
    Deciduous Forest
    Dense Twilight Forest
    Desert Hills
    Desert Oil Field
    Enchanted Forest
    Extreme Hills
    Extreme Hills
    Extreme Hills Edge
    Fire Swamp
    Forest Hills
    Frost Forest
    Frozen Ocean
    Frozen River
    Fungi Forest
    Gravel Beach
    Hot Springs
    Ice Mountains
    Ice Plains
    Icy Hills
    Jade Cliffs
    Jungle Hills
    Kelp Forest
    Lake Border
    Lots of Mushrooms
    Lush Desert
    Lush Swamp
    Majestic Meadow
    Major Feature
    Maple Woods
    Meadow Forest
    Minor Feature
    Mushroom Island
    Mushroom Island Shore
    Mystic Grove
    Ocean Oil Field
    Ominous Woods
    Origin Valley
    Overgrown Beach
    Pasture Meadow
    Phantasmagoric Inferno
    Redwood Forest
    Sacred Springs
    Seasonal Forest
    Coniferous Forest
    Snowy Dead Forest
    Snowy Forest
    Spruce Woods
    Taiga Hills
    Temperate Rainforest
    Thick Ominous Woods
    Thick Shrubland
    Thinned Pasture
    Thinned Timber
    Tropical Rainforest
    Twilight Clearing
    Twilight Forest
    Twilight Lake
    Twilight Stream
    Twilight Swamp

    If you guys have any questions, please ask. we love questions :) Have fun picking out your ideal utopian island.
  • Here's a video with samples of a lot of the biomes to help you pick. :)


    And here is another video with a list below it that gives summaries of each.

  • so do we pick ingame or post what we want on the forum?
  • Since I can only construct the ages in-game, then telling me which youu want in-game would work. Or post it here, and I'll do my best to try and keep up with the requests.
  • now for the fun time of having to go to each of these biomes to find out the perks of having it.
  • Since that's the case, could I get an Undergarden biome?
  • We will try to accommodate individual Biome requests, though we are learning that it is much harder to build a perfect dimension then we'd like. We've blown through 20 dimensions just getting an idea of what we need to do.

    We are currently testing the new world out on the server, once we get a few more loose ends tied up we will launch.
  • Server is up, personal dimensions will be filled when i have enough brain power to think. I'm really tired......
  • With the changes to Mystcraft, it is impossible to get EXACTLY what you are looking for, as I found out yesterday night. The reason for this is that the game looks for how complete the book is, and if it feels that the book is missing pages (which it always has so far), it'll add some more in.

    What this means is that you might get nether fortresses, or spheres (balls of some random material), i've seen rainbows get added, even. So if you get something weird that you didn't ask for, it's an extra perk that just got thrown in.

    If the age conforms to what we are looking for (island floating in space), then, it'll be yours, if not, I'll have to try again.
  • i would like the meadows biome please
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