too much lag

i can play just fine on other multiplayer servers like zombie horde (few 100 always logged on at any time), but i cannot play on the peacecraft server at all. putting render distance to tiny doesn't help either. any chance this issue will get fixed?


  • This likely isn't an issue on our side as a lot of people, including me, do not have these issues.
  • Same i haven't experienced any lag or drop of frames. It has to be something on your side.
  • last time i was able to play, there were a couple of others i notice complaining about the lag in the chat box. at first i did believe it was my end, until i tested my connection with other servers. no lag on them or at worst very minor lag, but on peacecraft the lag was so bad, i had to go thru task manager and shut down minecraft just to log off. the fact i don't have the issues on other servers is what makes me think it's not on my end.
  • have you tried logging on recently to see if it is gone?
  • Aarchel and I frequently login to either server from his house, and his internet connection is one of the lowest speeds that broadband offers. This being said, we only experience minor lag, if any at all, and this is while both of us are in high-activity areas, like our workshop on the modded server.

    Any lag you're experiencing has got to be somewhere between you, and our server. However, at some point in the future, we will be switching hardware providers to cut the cost of running the server in half. After that happens, you may have litle to no lag at all, but thats just a guess.
  • i do hope i'm able to play again at some point. it's a bit strange that i can play on other servers that have a lot of people and things going on, but the moment i try to log onto peace craft, the game freezes. if anyone has any ideas of what may be the issue on my end, plz let me know so i can give it a try.
  • Not sure. try deleting your bin folder in your minecraft folder and redownloading it.
  • I just played for 20 mins and every single block I broke, I had to wait an additional 3-6 seconds (depending on the block) before I could brake another one. Which is... less than optimal. So I guess I'll just wait for god to solve it? :O (Vanilla server, connecting from Sweden, I'll return in a few hours / days to see if the cumbersome lag is gone)
  • It's possible you ran into a moment when the server is backing up, or there is some major exploration going on and the server is busy generating new chunks. Generally though, if you are on the Vanilla Server you should experience almost no lag most of the time. If you were on the Modded Server I would say that lag comes with the territory and it depends on the area you're in. Likely it is an issue between you and the Server because most of the players, within reason, have no issues with either server.
  • No more lag now. :) yay. Do you happen to know the peak hours of user activity?
  • I expect people to be on more after 3pm Central standard time. School has started back so I'm sure the number of people playing on the vanilla server is low. We do also run a FTB server, but we are currently waiting for our world to be updated, no ETA on that yet.
  • Glad you're not lagging anymore.

    On another note, I'm still working on the update, but it is slow going, been very busy lately, and the server is still throwing errors at start up. I hope to resolve it this week.
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