FTB members

I wanted to make a thread and see who plans on joining the FTB server when it starts this coming weekend. I want to state that it is a new map and everyone has had a complete restart so if you want to join in and not be terribly behind this is the time. New members that have not been on the ftb server before need to go HERE and post their in-game name and maybe a description about them to be whitelisted. To old members, you need to make sure you click HERE and follow the instruction Aarchel has given us to get the new modpack. Hope to see some new faces this coming week and have fun. If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask them.


  • You might as well add me in... I do definitely plan to play, I will be more busy with the bukkit server... But add me on there... I'll make time.
  • I been waiting ages for a reset. I would be playing soon as it's updated, and maps are reset ^^
  • I'm coming back, but I may not be on until next weekend. Too much homework this weekend. Oh, and I am planning on making a Let's Play since I have to start from scratch. :)
  • I'll be there. No guarantee exactly when, but my head's awash in ideas for massive power networks and the like.

    Incidentally, I'll be taking silver donations.
  • Ill hop on of course. Btw Grtech havent been able to catch ya fantastic job on those dorms in the spawn.
  • Thanks! Just in time for reset. ROFL
  • Im not sure on how much im gonna be on here cause i plan on doing the bukkit server. been busy working on my town and i been working with cinema 4D. Here is my town in cinema 4d http://puu.sh/3J7K6/23c1c1bc8f.jpg what do you think.
  • That's just awesome Devil, you always build the best stuff!
  • If you want Arch I can run ur spawn through it. Will have to be ASAP cause ill either need WE schematic file or the world save I don't mind at all be able to hone my skills more with this and maybe move onto cinematic scenes for server promos. If ya want to, tell me what kind of look you want and ill try my best.
  • That sounds interesting, though I'm not sure my spawn does your skills justice. I have no idea what we would want, but as far as getting you a copy of the world I can do that. As soon as I finalize the cosmetic details, I'll upload it somewhere and put a link here.
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