Not banned, muted, for NOTHING

Today BigBadDevil muted me after having a discussion related to how I didn't like people filling the chat box with MLP and if they can do that then I can fill it with "how nazis are awesome".

Clearly not being serious. Using it as a point to what they were saying. GG I got misunderstood by most people in the server at that point and I'm assuming he just got annoyed with me and decided to mute me even though I'm pretty sure I didn't break a rule except for not stopping when he told me to. Still... being muted for not agreeing with him? Please.
The whole thing started at about 6:11 PM PDT (GMT -8)


  • Well the situation wasnt handled the best, but saying nazis are great in the chat is mute worthy. Next time just tell them to calm down or message a mod/admin/owner to handle it.
  • Yeah, typically, our mods are free to mute people that don't listen to them. Seeing as how you did admit to not listening to Devil, then being muted by him shouldn't be a big surprise. Just play by the rules, and call in mods if you have more problems. It's easier on everyone if you use the resources at your disposal, instead of trying to handle things yourself.
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    "but saying nazis are great in the chat is mute worthy". People took things out of context. People telling me that I supported genocide and mass killings when I never said that at all. It was nice getting ganged up on by almost everyone though.
  • Look it's about how the word "Nazi" makes others feel. Even jokingly saying "Nazi's are awesome" is unacceptable, because it will be interpreted as saying you condone the actions taken by them in the past. While I can understand that the chat was frustrating you, you picked one of the worst possible metaphors to express yourself. Also, if you don't stop when a Mod+ tells you to, a mute is the least of the actions a Mod+ is expected to do. Honestly, Devil was being nice by only muting you, depending on the situation I might have banned you myself. Stupid things said in chat are usually the beginning of even greater stupidity in the game so try to think it through before you hit "Enter".
  • I would like to point out -

    2013-07-22 19:52:38 [INFO] [Peacecraft][Chat] [global] §r§6[C] Dongers§r§r [g]: i can get banned for building a swastika?

    2013-07-22 19:53:28 [INFO] [Peacecraft][Chat] [global] §r§6[C] Dongers§r§r [g]: thats a hate crime against nazis

    2013-07-22 20:12:31 [INFO] [Peacecraft][Chat] [global] §r§6[C] Dongers§r§r [g]: hey if I can't build a swastika without getting banned
    2013-07-22 20:12:38 [INFO] [Peacecraft][Chat] [global] §r§6[C] Dongers§r§r [g]: you can't talk about my little pony

    2013-07-22 20:16:25 [INFO] [Peacecraft][Chat] [global] §r§6[C] Dongers§r§r [g]: I'm going to talk about how nazis are awesome sometimes

    2013-07-22 20:18:53 [INFO] [Peacecraft][Chat] [global] §r§6[C] Dongers§r§r [g]: if you honestly think I'm a nazi or that i think nazis are good
    2013-07-22 20:19:00 [INFO] [Peacecraft][Chat] [global] §r§6[C] Dongers§r§r [g]: you take the internet too seriously

    2013-07-22 20:21:39 [INFO] [Peacecraft][Chat] [global] §r§6[C] Dongers§r§r [g]: my great grandpa was a nazi and he tried to take out important nazi officers

    I honestly see nothing wrong with any of the above comments? he was muted shortly after he said he was joking about it.

    2013-07-22 20:22:36 [INFO] bigbaddevil7 issued server command: /mute Heavanell
  • question: if you had so little interest in what was being chatted about, why couldn't you just ignore it? not everyone likes anime, but that isn't a good reason for us not to talk about it. so they talked about mlp... so? most of what gets said on the chat rarely interests me, but that doesn't mean i'm going to ask them to stop, that's kinda self centered. you complained about nothing and used "nazi" to justify it... *lol* really?
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