Server Launched!

We are now live! We'll hopefully be making some posts about changes from 1.4.7, installation, and rules over the next week or so. but for now have fun.

Oh and keep the use of chunkloaders, except for quarries, to the Nether or your personal dimension. This is to keep problems easy to find and isolate. Edit is making the dimensions until I can get up to speed on it again, so for now see him about that.


  • There are some basic supplies in the chests of the two workrooms, there should be enough for everyone for a while, as long as no one gets greedy, but the systems that supply them are still ramping up, so they may run dry if the chests get hammered. Each work room is equipped with the basics to get processing and crafting.

    There is also an enchantment room, as well a a full tinkerer's workshop with all the basic patterns. Portals to the Nether, Twilight Forest, and QuarryLand have been established with books back to spawn.

    Lastly there are portals out to 2500 in each cardinal direction at the top of the portal tower. In the interest of keeping Spawn tidy, please make use of them to disappear into the wilderness, and for Overworld mining expeditions. More updates to come when I'm not falling asleep.
  • Thanks for all the hard work on the new server guys. You rock!
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