[OLD]How to add Direwolf20 1.5 pack

Posted by Aarchel

First as it stands this is not a public pack yet, so in order to download it you will need to click on the "Private Packs" button on the FTB Launcher and enter: Direwolf20_1_5
Then click "Add" and launch the game once, and close it after it gets to the title screen.

Next, since we are using Biomes O' Plenty you will need to enable it, as it is disabled by default. To do this in the FTB launcher select the Direwolf20_1_5 pack and click on the "Edit Mods" button. In the Disabled list select Biomes O' Plenty and click the "Enable" button in the center, then close out of the Edit Mods screen. This is the very minimum you will have to do in order to access the server. If you are not using the FTB Launcher I will assume you know how to find your mods and can delete the .disabled off the end of the biomesoplenty.zip, which will manually enable the mod.

This post will be updated once Aarchel updates his post.


  • As the pack is now public this post is somewhat obsolete, so I've unstickied it pending the new post I am making for it in the Getting Started Section.
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