Noah's Flood - Town In Ruins

Roughly 1:30am EST on Sunday July 28th the server shutdown and within a few minutes restarted, I finished off the project I was undertaking when I returned to this village only to find the following:




I'm not sure what happened here, maybe a block recognition error or something.

I'm not sure what tools are at the Mod disposal to fix something like this, but if the area could be reset that'd be swell... Otherwise, it'll be fun to rebuild :P

I Blame the cat...


  • Looks like a butt hurt hacker was pulling ****.
  • We'll have it fixed no worries :D
  • Still not as bad as my lava tower
  • image

    taunting after the fact
  • Personally, i would like to apologize for not being active on the bukkit server to stop these people. I only planned to stay on bukkit until the FTB server was up. I would love to see you get started on ftb if you would like to join us. Since you have to be specially whitelisted by Edit it rules pretty much all griefing. We do not have towns or an economy though.
  • Hey, there is my tower! All covered in water.... I guess I wasn't there when it happened...
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