i just set my chunkloader next to my power source to keep it loaded and it just reset my house and it rolled back half my house along with my tank of lava and power sources. http://forum.feed-the-beast.com/threads/chunk-loader-causes-chunk-reset.7126/


  • Yeah I heard about this. What the precise problem is isn't clear, but for now, the best practice for any chunkloader, chickenchunks, world anchor, etc. is to place the chunkloader first and, everything else second and to keep the chunkloader in a chunk by itself if possible. Mind you I don't do this myself, but that is the safest way to go.

    Chunkloading has always been a tricky thing, so there are issues from time to time. Also, don't think that using a different chunkloader then any mentioned will avoid the problem, it won't. All chunkloaders rely on Forges chunkloading code, so if the problem can happen with one, it can likely happen with all.

    Lastly, we have no way of preventing something like this from happening. If it does happen, there isn't really anything we can do. Unlike the Bukkit server we have no real backups, and no way to rollback the server either. This is partly because there are not many tools available for Forge that do these things, but mostly it's that such tools have a good deal of overhead associated with running them and the mods alone can bog down a server, so the last thing we need is a database getting involved. We will try to replace what you've lost if it does happen, but there are some items we can't easily replace as they must be crafted.
  • is there anyway to fix the damage or is my stuff just gone?
  • We can't repair the damage itself. All we can do is spawn in what you lost. Talk to Edit or me in game and well try to get you what you lost. If it's something that's only craftable we will give you the materials to make it.

    Since the server is so new we don't even have an old copy of your dimension to fall back on, so spawning in stuff is all we can do.
  • Well for now i need a lot of spruce wood and oak planks to rebuild part of my house. I've cut down the only forest i know of that had it. I had a 5x5x6 iron tank i believe it was on bottom floor of my house. I had a liquid tesseract pumping lava into it. I also had 5 geothermal generators with copper cables leading up to an mfe going into a lv transformer powering a macerator and electric furnace. I also had 2 electric engines powering a energy cell with energy being sent through an energy tesseract to be sent to my quarry. Lost a liquid transposer, a magma cruible, pulverizer, and induction smelter. If i can think of anything ill add it later.
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