Direwolf20_1_5 1.1.1 Update

Later today we will be upgrading to the 1.1.1 version of the Direwolf20_1_5 modpack. The configs are already written and it's ready to go at any time, but we want to give people some time to discover this post so it won't come in the night like a ninja.

There are a few changes for those who are interested, I recommend reading about them here: http://forum.feed-the-beast.com/threads/changelog-for-direwolf20-1-5-2-modpack.27601/

I will hopefully be writing up some additional information today as well.

Also, I am including a writeup of what changes have been made to the default configs for those that are interested. The only major change is that I've disabled the crafting of the Enderthermic Pump, everything else is as it has been from the start, and of course there are some changes to the defaults on the added mods as well.

As to the Enderthermic Pump, we had never intended for it to be craftable in the first place, but I forgot to disable in initially, there are a few reasons for this. FIrst, it is mostly redundant, there are already ways to pump liquids in the nether, we do not really need another. Secondly, it acts as a chunkloader which isn't a big deal, but it degrades the value of standalone chunkloaders. The worst problem though, is that as a chunkloader, it dynamically expands the number of chunks it loads to continue operating, and offers no way to change or eliminate this behavior in the config file. This "feature" poses more of a threat to performance in the long run than the flowing lava does, and with no way to change or limit it our only option was to disable it. Lastly, another mod allows us to change the flowing characteristics of lava to be like that of water so the primary reason to use it has been negated by a more performance friendly solution.

The defaults for Logistics Pipes have also been tweaked for performance reasons, which will limit the size of logistics networks and the speed at which they update for changes to the network. We'll see how things go, but Logistics Pipes has always been a computationally intense mod, so I advise using it in moderation, if it gets to be too much we will be forced to nerf it more or disable it entirely in the worst case. On the other hand, if it doesn't hit the server too badly we may let it stretch its legs a bit more. We would just prefer to err on the conservative side, so it's less likely that any future changes will be negative ones.

Config Folder
-Disabled Version Checking
-Increased Quartz Gen from 0 to 1

-Enabled Blank Books in Bookcases

-Enabled Enhanced Vanilla Biomes

-Decreased Max # of chunks a single chunkloader can load to 25 from 400

-Disabled Creeper block damage
-Changed Lava behavior to act like water if the source has disappeared

-Changed Ender Chest storage from 3x9 to 6x9

-Disabled Peaceful Table Recepie
-Disabled Peaceful Wither Recepie
-Disabled Enderthermic Pump Recepie

-Decreased default chance that mobs have hats from 10% to 5%

-Decreased Detecion Count from 100 to 50
-Increased Detection Frequency from 20 to 100 (1 sec. to 5 secs.)
-Decreased Numberof Routing Table Update Treads from 4 to 2
-Lowered Multi-Threading Thread Priority from 5 (Normal Priority) to 3

-Disabled Version Checks

-Disabled Update Checks
-Disabled Update Checks for different versions of Minecraft
-Disabled Chat notifications

Modular Force Field System.cfg
-Disabled MFFS Chunkloading

-Disabled MFFS Chunkloading

-Enabled Easy Long Fall Boots Recepie

cofh Folder
-Disabled Mobs Drop On PvE Only
-Disabled Players Drop On PVP Only
-Enabled Wither Skeleton Drops Heads
-Disabled Update Notifications

-Disabled Update Notifications

-Disabled Update Notifications
-Disabled Metallurgy plugin

-Enabled Flat Bedrock
-Enabled Replace Vanilla Generation
-Changed Copper Gen MinY to 0 (Default is 40)
-Changed Tin Gen MaxY to 75 and MinY to 0 (Defaults MaxY 55, MinY 20)
-Changed Silver Gen MinY to 0 (Default is 5)
-Changed Lead Gen MinY to 0 (Default is 10)
-Changed Nickel Gen MinY to 0 (Default is 5)

denoflionsx Folder
denLibCore Folder
-Disabled Updater Alert

EE3 Folder
-Disabled Version Check Display

forestry Folder
-Disabled Tweaks Permissions
-Disabled Version Check Notice
-Enabled Square Farms

Mystcraft Folder
-Disabled Book Binder
-Disabled Instability

powercrystals Folder
core Folder
-Disabled Update Check

railcraft Folder
-Disabled World Anchor pipe interaction
-Disabled Personal Anchor fuel requirement
-Disabled World Anchor feul requirement
-Disabled version checking
-Enabled Crushed Obsidian in Macerator
-Increased Max Minecart stack size from 3 to 16
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