How to get setup for the Modded Server

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Due to some recent changes to how the pack we are using is initially accessed, parts of these instructions are wrong. I was going to write something about that but Edit beat me to it. So for now you should reference his post, here: and then follow the remaining instructions in this post. I will be properly updating this post once we complete the update to 1.1.4 after it is out of testing.

To play on the Modded Server you will need to use the modpack we are currently using. Right now we use the DIrewolf20_1_5 modpack version 1.1.1. To get this pack go to, and download the FTB Launcher.

Once you have the launcher make a folder for it and put the folder somewhere convenient for you, then launch the FTB_Launcher.jar or .exe depending on which version you downloaded. Once launched, there should be a list of packs on the left and a description of the currently selected pack on the right. You want to select the Direwolf20_1_5 pack on the left, if it isn't visible scroll until you find it. After you've selected it, change from "Recommended" in the drop down box on the right to "1.1.1" if it is in the list, if it is not in the list then it is the current version. You must select the pack before trying to change the version, otherwise the correct version may not be there, or you may be on the wrong pack. Once you have the proper version selected, you need launch the game once. During the launch process it will download the pack, and all the needed files to play. After you've reached the title screen close Minecraft.

It is very important that you launch the game once, if you don't do this the rest of these instructions won't be possible to complete.

The DIrewolf20_1_5 pack contains one mod that is disabled by default called Biomes O' Plenty. We have decided to use this mod, so we have enabled it on the server, and you will need to do so on your client in order to connect. To do this in the FTB launcher select the Direwolf20_1_5 pack and click on the "Edit Mods" button. In the Disabled list select Biomes O' Plenty and click the "Enable" button in the center, then close out of the Edit Mods screen.

Congratulations you have successfully installed the pack and can now play on the server there are just two items remaining to take care of first.

First, if you are new to the Modded Server you need to be whitelisted. Many old Peacecraft players already are, and all non-banned Modded Server players are by default, but if you can't get on, make a whitelist request here:

Second, you will need the IP for the server, this is:

That's it. This is the very minimum you will have to do in order to access our server.

If you are not using the FTB Launcher but would still like to play using your own launcher I must assume you know how to set up the mods on it. I would recommend downloading the FTB Launcher and going as far as launching the game to get the modpack downloaded. After that you just need to put the right things in the right places and delete .disabled off the end of the, which will manually enable the mod. However I will stress that we do not support this, and probably cannot help you if you run into problems, so you're on your own.
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