Official 1.5.2 Rules

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Alright we have run without some official rules for long enough, so here the rules as they stand today:
  • No Griefing.
    This includes breaking/placing blocks in another players area without their permission, placing/removing liquids from another players area without permission, taking items from others storage blocks/systems without permission, sabotaging another players systems, or deliberately interfering with their operation. This also includes spamming blocks/liquids across the landscape and generally leaving an area as a giant mess, like harvesting all the sand from a beach and not replacing it with anything.

  • Do not talk about or share information regarding exploits or hacks you may be aware of.

  • No Looting.
    If it's not yours then don't touch it. However this only applies in areas obviously controlled by a player.

  • No Killing of other Players.
    While PvP is off there are still ways to indirectly kill another player. However this does not apply to traps and defenses placed in an area you have claimed, or in a structure designed for adventuring like a labyrinth or dungeon. All that being said you cannot claim an area just to construct something to kill unsuspecting Players, it must have purpose beyond dickery.

  • No Spamming, Threatening, Abusing, or generally Harassing others in chat.
    If you're asked to stop, just stop. If you want to troll others in chat, then fine, trolling can be in good fun, but once someone overreacts, stop.

  • The use of Chunkloaders are to be kept to your Personal Dimension, and the Nether only.
    This includes any block that can load chunks, like World Anchors, and Spot Loaders. Only Quarry's are excepted from this rule, as they need to be able to load chunks in order to be practical. The reasons for this are to keep performance as high as possible, the Personal Dimensions are all a lot simpler than the other worlds and perform better to begin with. Also, this makes it much easier to track down what is bogging down the server, as we can view performance for each loaded dimension.

  • The use of Logistics Pipes and it's related blocks are restricted to Personal Dimensions as well.
    This is also about performance, Logistics Pipes has always been a very CPU intensive Mod, given the nature of how it works it likely still is. In order to be sure we can easily identify it as a problem, it is to be used only in Personal Dimensions until further notice.

  • Quarry's are to be used only in worlds we normally reset.
    These worlds currently include QuarryLand, The Nether, and The Twilight Forest. Other worlds may be added as needed. The only valid reason to be using a quarry outside one of the listed worlds it to prepare an area for construction but that's it.

  • All Quarry's with water or lava in them need to be drained.
    In the past we have had excessive numbers of liquid filled quarries and it taxes the server in large numbers, so clean up your quarry after it's done running.

  • Treat other Players and Staff with respect.
    The last thing we want is a massive war raging in the chat and the forums, it will not be tolerated. If staff need to step in to moderate, then respect their decisions and follow their instructions. Do not rage at the staff, or complain about the decision made by them, it will not help you, and will likely piss off all the staff.

  • If you want to build a Nuclear Reactor keep it in your own area.
    You will be held responsible for damages to any other Player's property and inventory if it melts down and explodes. This means you will compensate their losses out of your own supplies, if you lack the supplies to do so, you will be required to gather them.

  • If you build an MFFS system with a Security Station you must give Ops access.
    This means at minimum Editedcub & Aarchel must have full rights, and be able to access your entire system. If you build a system, do not give us access, and something in your base starts lagging the server, if we cannot get in to find and eliminate the problem, consider your base forfeit. We will use any means necessary to restore server performance. If this also means deleting/destroying another Players structures or belongings you will be responsible for the damages.

  • If you have an Axe upgrade on your Power Fist do not use it in, or near spawn.
    In fact, don't even bring your Power Fist to spawn, I don't care if you have the Axe upgrade or not.
This is all there is for the moment, hopefully we will not need more rules. If we do I will update this post.
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