Closing Bukkit, Opening Vanilla

Due to the large lack of players on Bukkit, we at Peacecraft have agreed to take down the Bukkit server to save resources and lessen work. It's been a good run, but its not really worth it anymore. We've tried fixing it countless times and it just doesn't work.

In its place, we will be opening up a previously-semiprivate Vanilla server to the public with a whitelist. Once the server is ready, Bukkit will shut down and whitelisting will open.


  • :,(

    Bye Bukkit :(
  • In all seriousness, it's for the best. Peacecraft bukkit was alot of work and wasn't even lasting. The vanilla server will take it's place.
  • Just 1 question, how will you repair griefs?
  • It'll be whitelisted. Thus letting us select who we want. Basically meaning we have to trust you to let you on. So if we trust you, usually the people won't grief.
  • Doesn't the whitelist mean the server won't receive new players?

    As there is no reference point to see if they are in fact trustworthy or not?
  • We'll be putting up a whitelist request thread with a link to it in whatever advertisement we use. Anyone who wants to join can request and we can review the player for whitelisting,.
  • No dynmap correct?
  • If we lose dynmap I will be totally lost.
    I think we will also lose /spawn
  • Yes, this is also most likely.
  • This is just my opinion but I think we could really use a National Railroad
  • Then that's something we'll all have to join together in building.
  • Darn, I don't have diamonds for picks
  • This will of course open things up for heavy griefing which is unfortunate. All the whitelisting in the world will not prevent a few bad apples from getting in, and ruining the whole bunch.
  • Yeah, and without anti-griefing Protection, if someone griefs a house to steal treasure, the admins will not be able to rollback
  • Pretty much.
  • And we will also lose portals so...

    We would need to find a stronghold, break the spawner and block the entrance to the other part of the stronghold in order to reach the enderfarm
  • Still, I would take that over FTB. I'm sorry Rob, but I am adamant about not playing it.

    : /
  • And we will also lose portals so...

    We would need to find a stronghold, break the spawner and block the entrance to the other part of the stronghold in order to reach the enderfarm
    Well, Ian, it's not that hard to find a Stronghold. Mizu and I have already found most of the Strongholds the old fashion way. >>;;

    It also wouldn't be hard to build out of a Stronghold.
  • Uh-- Ian... there's not going to be an enderfarm. You'll have to make a new one from scratch.
  • *Punches head in the keyboard*
  • I think I will not be able to do another one by myself so

    We'll have to hunt monster spawners
  • That may seriously lag the server though.
  • The spawners?
  • If you were alone on the server that would be one thing, but if something happens like that one time with Vayk, falling asleep then waking up to 3000+ mobs... that will seriously bog down, the server. Remember it is a vanilla server. It won't have the same kind of power. Plus there are other people to consider, who will also be adding to the lag if they all go out and do the same. Just saying.

    Unless you plan on giving away all that loot for free, there's not much point to it either, since there will be no economy either.

  • You're right, One day I was in Vayk's skele farm, but I went to sleep and I accidentally left minecraft open

    Skeleton spawning for 8 entire hours!
    You don't need to be an expert to know what happened.
  • Like 5,000,000 skeletons lagging my game,

    after that I don't know how but they died and there was an avalanche of bones and arrows
  • An owner probably hit the kill switch on them.
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